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### This game was build within 3 days as part of the GMTK GameJam 2021. No pre-existing sounds or assets or scripts have been used. ###


The theme of the jam was "Joined Together".

We used the symbiotic relationship of frogs and spiders and embodied this in gameplay features.


Did you know, that little frogs in Peru, Sri Lanka, India, and perhaps elsewhere on the planet have developed symbiotic relationships with tarantulas? 


Did you know, that the frog protects the tarantula by using its long tongue to shoot the pesky flies and mosquitos out of the sky, that would otherwise bite the helpless tarantula? And that the tarantula protects its frog from predatory reptiles in return?


Did you know that there is a game where these two animals join together to get the exclusive Froge Coins [FROGE]?


Did you know that there are rich spiders and frogs on the moon?



Try it out yourself and play as a frog and spider, collect Froge Coins [FROGE], and reach the moon!


The game can be played alone or together (local) with a friend. The tarantula is controlled with the keyboard and the frog is controlled with the mouse. The game can also be played via a xbox360-controller. Goal is to collect all 20 FROGE Coins to power the spaceship at the start of the level. Deaths only reset your position. There is no map so it is hard to find all 20 coins but the coins emit a slight sound which you can use to locate them.

Known Issues

Sometimes the water gets above the ground and hits you, even though you don´t see the water.


WASD / Left Stick - Walk

Space / Y - Jump, Boost

Mouse Movement / Right Stick - Camera and aiming with the frogs tongue

Left Click / A - Shoot tongue

Right Click / B - Retract tongue


  • Arnold Bergen (Game Design, Programming) [HighPassionStudios]
  • Özden Cifci (Game Design, Leveldesign) [HighPassionStudios]
  • Jannik Fraunholz (Game Design, Sounddesign) [HighPassionStudios]
  • Florentin Bernhardt (Game Design, Animations, Terrain) [HighPassionStudios]
  • Linus Gärtig (Game Design, Graphic Design) [https://www.instagram.com/linusgaertig/?hl=de]


Froge Me To The Moon.rar 45 MB

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